Create Your Own Personal Comfort Zone
In Seconds With The Personal,
Portable Blu Breeze Air Conditioner

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Blu Breeze FAQs

1 How does Blu Breeze work?
Blu Breeze's Aqua-Cool Technology draws dry, stale air through the evaporative filter and transforms the air into a cool, humidified, refreshing breeze. Just add water, turn it on, and the heat is gone!
2 Is Blu Breeze portable?
Blu Breeze is compact, portable, and lightweight. It's light enough to carry anywhere and fits on any desk or countertop.
3 How does the Blu Breeze save me money?
Blu Breeze lets you create your own personal comfort zone in a small space, so you don't need huge, expensive air conditioners that raise your electric bill.
4 Does Blu Breeze work with batteries?
Blu Breeze works with AC, USB, or batteries (4 AA). A USB charging cable and AC power adapter are included.

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